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700th Village Post Office Vpo Opens Scrapbook Shop

Eureka! USPS has done it once more, for the 700th time.Recently USPS hit a point of reference by opening the 700th Town Post Office (VPO) situated in San Francisco Locale in Eureka, CA, inside Scrapper’s Edge The Duplicate Shop and Scrapbook Shop.Scrapper’s Edge, is the ideal place for inhabitants and guests to pickup stamps and mail letters, bundles, critical photographs and postcards. Clients can likewise deal with their printing and business administrations while mailing and delivering at the new VPO.VPOs are normally situated in set up organizations giving them the additional retail preferred standpoint of giving clients advantageous access to the postal items and administrations utilized regularly by consumers.Scraper’s Edge proprietor Sondra Kirtley joined Pacific Zone VP Dignitary Granholm, San Francisco Area Administrator David Stowe and Eureka Postmaster Mary Hopkins, in cutting the amazing opening ribbon.The Scrapper’s Edge VPO will offer Perpetually stamps, prepaid bundles and Need Mail Level Rate boxes. Scrapper’s Edge is open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday and 10 a.m.to 5 p.m. on Saturdays.The Postal Administration reported the VPO idea in July 2011 as an approach to build access to postal items and administrations in provincial groups over the nation.To date, there are more than 700 VPOs open in the Assembled States. The Scrapper’s Edge VPO is the first to be opened in Humboldt Province.

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How To Refuse Mail

Refusing your mail is a very simple two-step process. Take a look at the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) 508, sections 1.1.1 through 1.1.3, for what the Postal Service has to say about it. I’m giving the details here, but I’m just essentially repeating what the DMM says. post office tracking number

Write “Refused” on the mailpiece. I’d suggest doing this near the postage area, although that can be hard to find on some pieces of junk mail. I tend to use a black marker for it to make sure it shows up, but I’ve used a normal pen and it works just as well. Or, have a rubber stamp made up (they’re not very expensive) and use that.
Give it back to the Postal Service. Essentially, put it wherever you put the rest of your outgoing mail. I just put it back in my mailbox and raise the flag. If you prefer, you can stick it in a regular blue collection box, or even go into a Post Office and hand it to a clerk there. The mail just needs to get injected back into the mailstream somehow. postal service hours
Caveats to be aware of

While refusing mail is very easy, there are some details that you need to be sure to be aware of.

You can only refuse unopened mail. If you open the mail to see what’s inside, you need to throw it out or recycle it, since the Postal Service won’t take it. By opening it, you accepted the mailpiece. If you want help determining what’s junk mail and what isn’t before you open it, check out the tips on determining if it’s junk.
Mail that is sent to you as registered, insured, certified, or collect on delivery (COD) generally required your mail carrier to physically give you (or somebody at your address) the mail. If it isn’t refused right then, you give up your right to refuse it. Luckily, this isn’t generally an issue since usually mail sent that way is actually important and not junk mail.
If you send somebody a sales promotion, solicitation, announcement, or other advertisement, and they respond to it, you also need to refuse it immediately when offered for delivery, and not afterward. Again, this generally isn’t the case.

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How To Put A Mail On Hold

Do u want to put your mail on hold?? Here are some ways by which you can do it easily. So read these best ways to put your mail on hod if you are going on vacation.\

You spent months planning the perfect vacation and at last it’s time to leave. The bags are packed, the car is loaded, and the dog’s in the kennel. But wait. What about having days of mail stacking up in your mailbox where robbers and identity thieves might get their hands on it? No problem. Just sit down, fire up your PC, go online and arrange to have the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) hold your mail while you’re gone.

Now available online, the USPS’ mail holding service offers postal customers the option of having their mail held for from 3 to 30 days quickly and easily.

“When you go on vacation, the last thing you need is to be concerned about the safety of your mail while you’re away — our Hold Mail Service addresses this issue almost effortlessly,” said Francia G. Smith, USPS vice president and Consumer Advocate. “This service represents our continued commitment to increasing customer access — making it easier and more convenient for customers to use the Postal Service when and where they need to.”

How to Do It

Once you get online, just go to the Postal Service home page and click on the Hold Mail menu option.

You’ll be asked to enter your delivery address information and the dates on which you want the Postal Service to start and stop holding your mail.

At the end of the mail holding request process, you’ll be given a confirmation number so you can modify the request if you come home early or decide you want to stay on vacation a little bit longer.

The online service electronically notifies your local Post Office and all of your mail will be held for the time specified and delivery is resumed on the requested date.

Having the Postal Service hold your mail while you are away is one best steps you can take to prevent having your mail stolen.

Request Mail Holding by Telephone

You can also request the USPS’ mail holding service over the phone by calling toll-free 1-800-ASK-USPS and following the menu options.

Whether requested online or by phone, millions of Postal Service customers have taken advantage of this convenient service since its 2003 launch.

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